Casa Alejada


is located in the San Jacinto area of the city of Guanica, near the beaches of the Guanica Dry Forest and about 20 miles to the west of Ponce on the Southwest coast of Puerto Rico.

The building, situated at the top of a hill, has three apartments: one apartment is at a normal second floor level, one is at street level and one backs into the slope and opens onto the garden.  Casa Alejada is on a cul de sac so the area is quiet and free from traffic.

Beaches are accessed by a 5 minute drive through a dry forest preserve or by passenger ferry to a nearby coral and mangrove island (Guiligan’s).

The name “Casa Alejada” is a play on the name of the first farm that my wife and I owned and doesn’t imply isolation.  Nevertheless, the San Jacinto section of Guanica is an area set apart from busy cities and towns of Puerto Rico.


Casa Alejada (Faraway House)

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